Nowadays, industries have to face a lots of anxiety-inducing factors. Increasing productivity and ROI of key equipments has never been so important. Because of significant increasing competition and production costs, means of tracking, monitoring und optimizing are now crucial. The utilization of industrial means requires regular control and optimal exploitation of assets.

The comprehension of root causes of performance losses and the daily supervision of production by beeing able to react to the smallest gap ; these are key points for improving machine performance and generate continuous improvement. Thanks to new technologies from the IoT (Internet of things), this is now possible at low costs.

PerfTrak is a machine performance tracking system designed for operational excellence that combines the very latest IoT technologies with the principles of Lean Management (continuous improvement) in order to monitor the machine performance in a quick, intuitive, effective and cost-efficient way. This decision-making tool relies on Hardware und Software for real-time acquisition, consolidation and visualization of root causes of performance losses. It allows factories from all manufacturing industries to monitor their performance in real-time, identify their blocking processes, reduce machine stops and optimize their assets utilization.

A. Data Acquisition : An electronic module to record performance losses (stops and slowdowns) : After recovering exact operating time of machines (to the nearest second), thanks to a sensor connected with our module, the information is transmitted to the tablet per Bluetooth Low Energy.

B. Data Enrichment: An Android-Tablet to input the reasons of performance losses : On the tablet interface, operators have to indicate the root causes of each excessive performance loss by selectioning them in a cause tree which is pre-configured by managers on the website.

C. Data Analysis : A monitoring website to consolidate and visualize performance data : Finally, data (combination : date and duration of event + stop/loss cause) are SSL-encrypted and transmitted per Wi-Fi on an Internet server, where a set of decision-making tools are available (Performance history, Pareto of losses, Product Count, Alarms, KPIs, reports,..).


Thanks to its quick and external implementation, PerfTrak can cover two types of machines, Cycle Time or Start/Stop machines, which makes the system compatible with most production setups. This high adaptibility allows PerfTrak to monitor old or recent machines for any kind of manufacturing industries.

For both PerfTrak versions, Cycle Time and Start/Stop, the electronic module measures the cycle or operating time by recording the rise and fall of the machine voltage. When a cycle or stopping time is superior than the theroetical time, the module sends the loss information on the tablet, so that operators select the right root cause of each performance loss.

The PerfTrak module registers the operating data through external sensors (optical, contact, magnetic, position, current) or the acquisition of an electronic signal from the machine (IN/OUT voltage). The PerfTrak module captures data with its 10bit ADC circuit, which makes it compatible with most analog sensors such as optical, hall or contact sensors, as long as their voltage is compatible with a supply within the 5-25v range.

For Cycle Time machines, PerfTrak module measures the time between two events (ex: 2 produced pieces) by recording the rise and fall of voltage through sensors or a connection to PLC (binary signal). Every rise or fall of voltage means the end (or the beginning) of a cycle. When the time measured between two periodic events is superior to the configurable theoretical cycle time, the module records a loss and sends it to the tablet.

PerfTrak Cycle Time can be relevant for production of discrete parts or for machines with high cycle time (ex: press, assembly, machining or packaging machines).

For Start/Stop machines, the PerfTrak module records the rise and fall of voltage to identify if the machine is in “Start” state or “Stop” state. Every time the machine is stopped longer than stated in the configurable theoretical operating time, PerfTrak records a loss and sends it to the tablet.

PerfTrak Start/Stop can be relevant for continuous production (ex: conveyor, pump,…) or for machines with low cycle time (ex: laser machine, surface treatment,…).



Display of losses

Display of performance losses transmitted by the module (date, duration)

Losses enrichment

Input of the root causes of performance losses through tree of losses


Entry of text precisions about performance losses


Change type of product to track different cycle/operating times

Data Analysis

History, of Losses Pareto, KPIs per workshift and Product Count

Split losses

Possible split of performance losses into two losses

Quality Management

Possible post-enrichment of quality losses


9 available languages on the PerfTrak app


History of losses

Repartition (%) of performance losses per machine and period

Pareto of losses

Classification of performance losses per machine and period

Performance indicators

Monitoring of configurable KPIs (OEE, TEEP or custom)


Mobile alarms for treshhold overruns (stops or performance)


Automatic or manual PDF-reports per mail

Product Count

Automatic counting of pieces per machine and period


Real-time actualization of data on the SSL-encrypted server

Raw data

Possible raw data extraction of any tool for further analysis


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