Our solutions


Developed in collaboration with industries and Lean experts, TEEPTRAK systems are innovative turnkey systems based on Internet of things that allows industries to gather, visualize and export information from any of their production facilities in real-time. TEEPTRAK systems rely on advanced algorithms, combined with the input from the operators and the latest communication technologies (Sensorics, Android, Bluetooth Low Energy, WIFI) to deliver meaningful production information in real-time, to monitor performance and to generate continuous improvement in an intuitive and cost-effective manner

TEEPTRAK systems can be installed quickly in a wide range of situations and are compatible with nearly every manufacturing equipment to track operating time and down-time (date, duration, cause) and to visualize production information through user-friendly analysis tools (Product Count, History of Losses, Pareto of Losses, Dashboard of KPIs, Automatic Reports, Alarms, etc.).

Customized Solutions : because we know that each client within each industry is different, we also offer custom developments at very competitive prices. We build them to address your challenges!



Helps operators identify and record machine performance losses.

PerfTrak calculates in real time the performance of your machines from different workshops and factories. Tracking the exact up-time of your equipment and leveraging information from your operators will allow you to better understand your performance losses, find their root causes and improve in a sustainable way.


Helps operatord identify and record operators performance losses.

PaceTrak supports operators in assessing their current performance and progress at any time. It will also help them to identify and record opportunities on improvement of everyday execution with minimum effort. Understanding their needs and improving their work environment by using the right levers can increase their motivation and productivity.


Helps operators identify and record quality losses

QualTrak follows quality performance in a nearly automated way. It counts good and bad parts and supports operators to classify quality issues in real time. Analysis of any time period allows quick implementation of an adapted action plan to address critical quality issues asap. It is also useful as a simple quality control system.


Helps operators gather and visualize their key indicators.

MoniTrak enables teams to visualize their performance on screens remotely in the workshops. Key Performance Indicators, History of Losses and Product Count can be displayed on screens.

Why choose TEEPTRAK ?


  • Elimination of paper-based reporting thanks to automatic identification of operating and stop time by the electronic module
  • Intuitive Android-tablet to inform origins of performance losses
  • Intuitive monitoring website to consolidate and visualize performance data : easy visualization of performance losses per machine, product, workshop, factory and period
  • Data is visualizable in just a few clicks through user-friendly analysis tools for an everyday use : automatic reports, KPIS,  History of losses, Pareto of losses, Alarms, Product count…

Operators get what they really need, no more and no less!



  • All-in-one systems can be externally installed within 2hours
  • No direct connection to machines or PLC  is mandatory. No maintenance needed.
  • Compatible with most production setups, old or recent
  • Compatible with complex single piece and manual tasks (PaceTrak) or with large-scale production (Perftrak)
  • Able to complete existing IT systems (ERP, MES, SAP,…) to link them with equipment
  • Possible custom developments of tablet and website interfaces to fit factory standards

TEEPTRAK is a simplified and scalable MES!


  • Low investment costs : 1500€ per turnkey system including Hardware & Software
  • Identification of root causes of performance losses to reduce machine stops and elimination time-consuming tasks
  • Free Software updates and after-sales service
  • Cost-effective and easy-to-install systems for large-scale implementations
  • Long-term involvment of operators in the industry 4.0
  • Enhancement of reactivity, processes and plant operating rates

High agility, improved time-to-market and quick ROI!