Display key production information on workshop’s screens

Nowadays, industries have to face a lots of anxiety-inducing factors. Increasing productivity and ROI of key equipments has never been so important. Because of significant increasing competition and production costs, means of tracking, monitoring und optimizing are now crucial. The utilization of industrial means requires regular control and optimal exploitation of assets.

The comprehension of root causes of performance losses and the daily supervision of production by beeing able to react to the smallest gap ; these are key points for improving machine performance. Thanks to new technologies from the IoT (Internet of things), this is now possible at low costs.

MoniTrak is a production display system that enables factories to remotely visualize their real-time performance on big screens in workshops. With MoniTrak, teams can project information about :

  • Performance (KPIs)
  • Produced Pieces (Product Count)
  • Main Performance Losses (Preformance History)

MoniTrak is not dedicated to measure and collect performance data but to display it. That is why this application has to be used complementary with one of our systems of data collection, like PerfTrak, QualTrak or PaceTrak.

Performance Indicators

Product Count

Performance History

How does it work ?

1. Add your factory virtually on the monitoring website : workshops, machines, KPIs, …

2. Open the MoniTrak app on your tablet

3. Performance, Product Count & History : choose a perimeter (machine & period) and KPIs to follow.

4. Choose a display transition duration between the 3 MoniTrak analysis tools.

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