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Designed in close cooperation with industrial companies and experts, TEEPTRAK is a set of cost-effective tools to monitor your performance in real-time from anywhere in the world, including your own workshop! TEEPTRAK is an extremely versatile performance tracking system that can be installed quickly in a wide range of situations. It allows you to gather, visualize and export information with a single solution.

TEEPTRAK relies on advanced algorithms, combined with input from your operators and the latest communications technology to deliver meaningful, real-time information in order to help monitor and improve effectiveness in a sustainable, efficient and continuous manner.


TEEPTRAK Advantages


The factory implementation of TEEPTRAK can be externally completed through external sensors, that are connected with TEEPTRAK modules to register the operating and stop time. Otherwise TEEPTRAK module can be directed connected to machine by recovering a binary electronic signal.


Thanks to its external implementation, TEEPTRAK is easy to install on both old and new equipment and can fit all manufacturing industries. It can even complete existing information systems (ERP, MES,..) to monitor performance in real-time and at low costs.


Configuring TEEPTRAK is simple and easy, not to mention highly customizable. Teams can easily install and adjust the system to their needs. Data visualization tools are intuitive so that to be used by operators and managers on a daily basis.


Each all-in-one TEEPTRAK system costs 1500€, including Hardware (module, tablet, andons) and Software (Tablet-App, Monitoring Website). Licence fees : 172€/year. Free software updates and after-sales service.


TEEPTRAK users can access their data from anywhere in the world in real-time and get alerted on any performance deviation on mobile. To refine analysis, each analysis tool can be filtered by equipment and period.


„Lean“ continuous improvement has to be done on a daily basis. Improve the performance of your equipment by understanding the root causes of losses and visualize your production with intuitive analysis tools.


Eliminate time-consuming paper-based reporting tasks ! TEEPTRAK allows to you to benefit from an automatic registration of performance losses and visualize performance data through automatic reports, displaying different TEEPTRAK visualization tools for any equipment.


TEEPTRAK stores your SSL-encrypted data on its secured server. We can also setup intern servers in factories to fit security needs. TEEPTRAK back office has been developed using Ruby-On-Rails framework that includes technology and tools to avoid security leaks. 


The TEEPTRAK interface is an Android-based application ensuring easy and fast upgrades in addition to a low hardware obsolescence risk. TEEPTRAK architecture allows you to have access to your data from anywhere in the word.

Is TEEPTRAK compatible with my equipment ?

Oui! Yes it is! We designed our modules to make them compatible with any equipment thanks to their external installation. Leveraging contact or voltage information, our proprietary performance measurement logic has no compatibility issues with any communication protocols.

How is it installed ?

TEEPTRAK systems can be installed within 1 hour by connecting the module with external sensors or with automatons. With your teams, we can install the modules in your factories and give you a ready-to-use solution. A detailed installation guide comes with each of our products if you decide to install by yourself.

Can i manage different workshop and factories ?

You can install TEEPTRAK in one small factory as well as in multiple factories around the world. You decide how to consolidate performance information. We designed it to be compatible with most industrial environments.

Who has access to the data visualization ?

It’s up to you! We give you a tool that’s fully customizable, according to your needs. Therefore, you can select the access rights for each of your users, from the operators to managers or plant director.

How many measure points can i manage ?

There’s no limit. The solution we provide is completely scalable to your situation. This is precisely one of its benefits: it can encompass information from all your equipment or workstations at low costs.

What if I already have a MES in place ?

TEEPTRAK can complete or replace your current system at a competitive cost, bringing you a consolidated view of your effectiveness by registrating origins of performance losses for any equipment or production place.