Identify and record machine performance losses

Nowadays, industries have to face a lots of anxiety-inducing factors. Increasing productivity and ROI of key equipments has never been so important. Because of significant increasing competition and production costs, means of tracking, monitoring und optimizing are now crucial. The utilization of industrial means requires regular control and optimal exploitation of assets.

The comprehension of root causes of performance losses and the daily supervision of production by beeing able to react to the smallest gap ; these are key points for improving machine performance. Thanks to new technologies from the IoT (Internet of things), this is now possible at low costs.

PERFTRAK is a performance tracking system designed for operational excellence. This decision-making tool combines the very latest IoT technologies with the principles of LEAN Management (continuous improvement) in order to :

  • measure and identify performance losses in a quick, effective and cost-efficient way
  • validate und carry out corrective actions
  • reduce machine stops
  • control energy consumption and optimize assets utilization


A. After recovering exact operating time of machines (to the nearest second), thanks to a sensor connected with our module, the information is transmitted to the tablet per Bluetooth Low Energy

B. On the tablet interface, operators have to indicate the root causes of each excessive performance loss by selectioning them in a cause tree which is pre-configured by managers on the website.

C. Finally, data (combination : date and duration of event + stop/loss cause if necessary) are SSL encrypted and transmitted per Wi-Fi on an Internet server, where a set of decision-making tools are available (see below)



1.Ready-to-use solution, easy to install and to configure (only a Wifi-spot is necessary)

2.Retroactively compatible with most production setups

3.Maintenance almost non-existent and economically achievable by yourself

4.Competitive price : ~1000€ to 1500€ per equipment

5.Highlights and involves employees through the IoT and the spotlight on their skills

7.Solution outside the installed IS (no connection to automatons will be necessary)

8.All-in-one : Stuff, software and options all-inclusive. No extra costs to expect

9.Removal of paper-based and time-consuming reporting actions

10.Simple supervision interface with access rights for all levels

11.Easy functionalities useful to define and to set up the right corrective actions

Easy to use and configure

Powerful decision-making tools

Available functionalities

01 Efficiency history


03 Performance per machine, team, workshop, factory etc.

04 Instant alarms on smartphone (Iphone/Android)

05 Product Count

06 Fully configurable indicators (OEE/ TEEP/ Custom)

07 Automatic reporting (daily, weekly, monthly, on demand)

08 Raw data extraction for further analyses

09 Custom Development for specific functionalities and/or interfaces if requested

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