Because it’s a relatively simple and robust process, the data required for OEE can be collected with a clipboard and a pen if need be. In fact, that’s typically the way it has been done, notes Mike Pantaleano, business manager for information software and manufacturing intelligence, Rockwell Automation. “Unfortunately, paper and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, collected manually with questionable, not-so-timely data, continues to be the leading way of collecting OEE. Luckily, the trend is for customers to expect to know how they are doing now instead of how they did last week.

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TEEPTRAK solutions are a new and factual way to collect real-time performance information from the shop floor. Our simple but efficient system allows you to instantly track any performance deviation and quickly build well-targeted action plans to improve effectiveness. All this is possible for a fraction of the costs of our main competitors.

Why track performance in real-time?
Increasing productivity and ROI of key equipments has never been so important. Nowadays, rather than profitability, it is often a matter of survival. Since 2010, the cost of energy, raw materials and packaging, among other factors (wages, exchange rates), have all increased. As a result, companies are looking for ways to drive up their productivity and profitability of existing assets. The productivity gap between “best in class” countries and “followers” is significant and confirms the high improvement potential of most geographic areas.

A new BCG study “The Shifting Economics of Global Manufacturing” as well as numbers from the International Labor Organization in its recent Global Wage Report clearly show evolution and discrepancies of these factors between countries and the importance of continuously improving performance to surpass competitors as well as to survive.

Extract of the BCG study “The Shifting Economics of Global Manufacturing”
The economy of global manufacturing is shifting. The list of countries that qualify as “low-cost” for the past 30 years is changing. We also tend to only focus on the wages, but other factors such as productivity, exchange rates and raw material costs must also considered when taking into account footprint advantage.

The solution? Enhance productivity.
“As once-enormous gaps between wages in developed and developing economies continue to shrink, improving each worker’s value-added become an increasingly important factor in manufactures’ competitiveness across the globe. Assessing your manufacturing footprint and identifying potential cost benefits of greater automation and other measurements can significantly improve productivity.”

Extract of the “Global Wage Report 2012/2013” from the International Labor Organization
Salary increases in recent years in Asia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia seriously affect companies that produce in these regions. Indeed, their product cost has increased faster than world average revenue, continuously reducing their cost advantage on an international scale.

Conclusion: For several manufacturers implanted in what were once considered low-cost countries, improving productivity is a strong lever (if not the most important lever) in offsetting their declining competitiveness, mostly due to the faster-than-world-average salary increases in these regions.

How can I increase my productivity & performance with TEEPTRAK solutions?

Embedded in a LEAN program or implemented as a stand-alone solution, TEEPTRAK measures and identifies losses in a quick, effective and cost-efficient way. To address performance and productivity losses from machines, workers or declining quality, we developed a set of solutions integrating the latest technology to instantly bring you the information required to improve effectiveness at a low cost.

PerfTrak enables you to improve utilization of your assets and better control your energy consumption.

PaceTrak is here to give you all the information you need to increase your productivity.

QualTrak  helps you reduce your waste from multi-dimension, control your quality and improve process control.

What makes us better than our competitors? Our cost.
Our solutions start from 999 euros per workstation (including all required electronic modules, a generic Android tablet and its enclosure and access to software+website). Also, our solutions have the best compatibility on the market and don’t require any special protocol or specific IT installations (only access to Internet via Wi-Fi). These characteristics allow us to offer the best ROI as well as the best overall value creation. Don’t hesitate to call us for more information on how our products can support your continuous improvement.