Our 3 Solutions


PerfTrak will calculate in real time the performance of your machines from different workshops and factories. Tracking the exact up-time of your equipment and leveraging information from your operators will allow you to better understand your performance losses, find their root causes and improve in a sustainable way.

Soon !

PaceTrak will support your operators in assessing their current performance and progress at any time. It will also help them to identify and record opportunities on how they can improve their everyday execution with minimum effort. Understanding their needs and improving their work environment using the right levers will increase their motivation and their productivity.

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QualTrak follows quality performance in a nearly automated way. It counts good and bad parts and supports operators in classification of the quality issues in real time. Analysis of any time period allows quick implementation of an adapted action plan to address critical quality issues as quickly as possible. It is also useful as a simple quality control system.

Customized Solutions
Because we know that each client within each industry is different, we also offer custom solutions at very competitive prices. We build them to address your challenges!